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Our Mission

We will make it easy for NZ businesses to support the future of our country through their purchasing of business consumables by giving 3% of their purchases to 6 Charities for Children.


To become the #1 contributor to the future of NZ, by helping NZ businesses support charities of children in need through their purchasing of business consumables.

Our Story

Six for Good is an online central place you can buy all your cleaning and cafeteria supplies from the comfort of your office or home. Six for good is about supporting those in need too. We donate 1% from every sale to 6 charities for Children. Here you will find quality products and supplies that you can buy wholesale in bulk quantities, which saves you money in the long run. Order online and have it delivered to your door within 48 hours. You can help these charities painlessly, support us – and we will support them.

Six Charities, Six Brothers

Charity Ambassadors

Reuben Beatson

KidsCan Brand Ambassador

Scott Beatson

HeartKids Brand Ambassador

Geoff Beatson

CureKids Brand Ambassador

Marcus Beatson

FosterHope Brand Ambassador

Greg Beatson

Big BuddyBrand Ambassador

Braden Beatson

UpsideDowns Brand Ambassador