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Nature Made Liquid Laundry Concentrate 2.5L


EASY, BREEZY LAUNDRY everyday garment wash…
Laundry Liquid is an environmentally responsible, biodegradable garment wash suitable for both machine and handwashing. Ideal for a range of different garment types, including synthetic and natural fibres.

Features & Benefits

  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Contains brightening agents
  • Handwash-friendly

Directions for Use: Wash normally, according to laundry load. Light wash: 5-8ml per kg dry weight Medium wash: 12ml per kg dry weight Heavy wash: 15ml per kg dry weight

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Nature Made Liquid Laundry Concentrate 2.5L
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About Nature Made

Naturemade cleaning products have been formulated to meet the high demands of modern cleaning using the safest plant-based ingredients, having the least environmental impact. Employed is the latest research and best techniques currently available to assess raw materials, their source, their basis of sustainability, then produce the goods under the most energy-efficient strategy possible within a safe, innovative and compliant value-chain, through to the most efficient use of recyclable packaging.

Naturemade also stands for Kiwi ingenuity operating on the world stage – we want to make the safest, high performing, and compliant product possible – and get it into users hands the most efficient way possible – offering the least possible environmental impact from the complete process.

We use recyclable (HDPE Type 2) and preferably NZ produced packaging. Labels are also HDPE recyclable and utilise no-residue, easily & fully removable construction. Containers can therefore be reused with minimal labour and effort, or be recycled with the labels still attached.

Making use of bulk-refills assists in meeting a better cost-in-use than many current retail and some commercially offered products.