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K-Clean - Multi Purpose Cleaner/Maintainer 5L


Multipurpose combined biodegradable cleaner disinfectant suitable on a wide variety of modern hard surfaces for cleaning, sanitising and maintaining surface lustre and vitality. The unique blend of surface-safe surfactants and essential oils makes it ideal for assisting to maintain polished and non-polished floor surfaces and all bathroom and janitorial hard surfaces. 

  • Multipurpose cleaner and sanitiser
  • Suitable for a wide variety of hard surfaces (including polished wooden floors)
  • Ideal for the polished floor, to maintain their lustre
  • the free-rinsing formula gives a streak-free result
  • Used as a disinfectant
  • Pleasant fragrance - users and customers love it! 


Heavy & spot cleaning:

Use at a ratio of 1:20 with potable water (5% solution, 50ml per litre), then spray and wipe or wet-mop as required.

Floor Maintenance:

Mix at 1:40 with potable water (2.5% solution, 25ml per litre).

Other general hard surfaces:

Use at a ratio of 1:60 to 1:100 for maintaining or spray buffing/glossing polished surfaces.


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K-Clean - Multi Purpose Cleaner/Maintainer 5L
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